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This article describes the steps needed to populate an Ed-Fi ODS with sample XML data, using the Ed-Fi Console Bulk Loader. The steps can be summarized as:

Step 1. Configure and Build the Ed-Fi Console Bulk Loader

  • Ensure that you have an instance of the Ed-Fi ODS / API running locally that has been set up following the Getting Started - Installation Steps.
  • Browse to the location of the app.config for the Bulk Load Console project (i.e., C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\Application\EdFi.Ods.BulkLoad.Console\app.config).
  • Modify the app.config setting DescriptorNamespacePrefix value to be "" instead of "".  This sets the bulk loader up to match the descriptor namespace of the sample data in the data standard repository.
  • Build the EdFi.Ods.BulkLoad.Console application.

Step 2. Download Scripts and Sample Data

  • Ensure that you have a copy of the sample files for the Ed-Fi Data Standard v2.0 on your local machine. The files are typically dowloaded to C:\Ed-Fi-Standard\v2.0\Samples\Sample XML. You can obtain sample files from Standard Interchange Schema v2.0 - XSD Files or directly from GitHub (here).
  • Download the (to the right) and extract the contents of the ZIP file to a local folder (we recommend C:\Ed-Fi-SampleDataLoad).

Step 3. Run the Load Script and Populate the EdFi_ODS_Empty Database

  • From a PowerShell session, navigate to the ZIP file directory (i.e., C:\Ed-Fi-SampleDataLoad).
  • Execute LoadEmptyDatabaseWithSampleData.ps1.
  • The script will reset your EdFi-Ods-Empty and load all sample data in one script run. The process takes approximately 30 minutes.

    If your local copy of EdFi.Ods.BulkLoad.Console or of the Ed-Fi Data Standard sample files are in a different location than the root of the drive, you can modify the LoadEmptyDatabaseWithSampleData.ps1 script to adjust.

    The script contains two parameters which define the local path to the Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation repository and the Ed-Fi Data Standard repository. These are set by default to "C:\Ed-FI-ODS-Implementation" and "C:\Ed-FI-Standard\v2.0", respectively, but can be changed to be appropriate for your environment.

Step 4. Provision the EdFi_ODS_Populated_Template Database

  • Back up the EdFi_ODS_Empty database.
  • Restore the backup you just made with the name EdFi_ODS_Populated_Template.
  • Create a Sandbox using the Ed-Fi ODS / API Admin Console.
  • Use the database created as the source of data for loading dashboards and other activities.

The following link is a ZIP archive containing a PowerShell script and console bulk loader manifest files to assist with loading an Ed-Fi ODS using sample XML data.