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This interchange describes prescribed interventions available, implementations of interventions, studies of intervention effectiveness, and education content used in the course of interventions.

Like all standard Ed-Fi interchanges, this schema references the Ed-Fi Core XSD and can be extended using the Ed-Fi Extensions Framework. See the Ed-Fi Data Standard: Developers' Guide for more information.

Use Cases

The Student Intervention Interchange can be used to:

  1. Exchange interventions prescribed for particular purposes.

  2. Exchange intervention prescriptions available to districts or schools.

  3. Exchange descriptions of education content (e.g., videos, handouts, games) used in interventions.

  4. Exchange intervention implementations and student results.

  5. Exchange information about formal studies of interventions.

Model Details

The following figure shows a logical view of the Student Intervention Interchange schema:



The following table describes the primary entities of which the Student Intervention Interchange is composed. 


This entity represents materials for students or teachers that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and more. Education content includes full courses, course materials, modules, intervention descriptions, textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge.

InterventionPrescriptionThis entity represents a formal prescription of an instructional approach focusing on the specific techniques and materials used to teach a given subject. This can be prescribed by academic research, an interventions vendor, or another entity.
InterventionAn implementation of an instructional approach focusing on the specific techniques and materials used to teach a given subject.
InterventionStudyAn experimental or quasi-experimental study of an intervention technique.

This association indicates the students participating in an intervention.

EducationOrganizationInterventionPrescriptionAssociationThis association indicates interventions made available by an education organization. Often, a district-level education organization purchases a set of intervention prescriptions and makes them available to its schools for use on demand.

Extended References

This interchange includes the following Extended References. 

Extended Reference NameDescription
ClassPeriodReferenceOptional. The class period associated with the meeting time for a bell schedule.
CohortReferenceOptional. Relates the cohort, if the student's membership in this cohort is the reason he or she is participating in this intervention.
EducationOrganizationReferenceRequired. The educational organization which is making the intervention prescription available to its hierarchy or sponsoring the intervention implementation.
LearningStandardReferenceOptional. Relates the competency, learning standard, skill, and/or text complexity to which the learning resource is aligned.
StaffReferenceOptional. Relates the staff member associated with the Intervention.
StudentReferenceRequired. Relates the Student associated with the Intervention.

Descriptor Dependencies

This interchange references the following Ed-Fi Descriptors, thus requiring them to have been defined using the Descriptors interchange prior to this interchange. For more information on the Ed-Fi Descriptor Pattern, see the Ed-Fi Data Standard - Developers' Guide.

Descriptor NameDescription
CountryDescriptorOptional. This descriptor defines the name and code of the country.
DiagnosisDescriptorOptional. Targeted purpose of the Intervention (e.g., attendance issue, dropout risk).
EducationOrganizationIdentificationSystemDescriptorOptional. A unique number or alphanumeric code assigned to an education organization by a school, school system, a state, or other agency or entity.
GradeLevelDescriptorOptional. Grade levels for which this education content or intervention is applicable. If omitted, considered generally applicable.

Optional. An indication of the languages in which the EducationContent is designed.

StaffIdentificationSystemDescriptorOptional. A coding scheme that is used for identification and record-keeping purposes by schools, social services, or other agencies to refer to a staff member.
StudentIdentificationSystemDescriptorOptional. A coding scheme that is used for identification and record-keeping purposes by schools, social services, or other agencies to refer to a student.

The following link is a ZIP archive containing the XSD for the Student Intervention Interchange v2.0 along with the Ed-Fi Core XSD:

A ZIP archive containing all v2.0 Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema can be found in the Download Directory.


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