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This page provides links to product information, technical documentation, and other material about the technology published by the Ed-Fi Alliance and community.

Ed-Fi Technology Suite

Ed-Fi ODS / API Platform

The Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) provides a secure, transactional information store that integrates data from multiple source systems and applications. The Ed-Fi ODS API accompanies the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and provides a developer-friendly interface to create, read, and update information stored in an Ed-Fi powered ODS.

Latest Version (v6.1) | All Versions

Ed-Fi Tools

Ed-Fi Tools aid developers implementing the technical components of the Suite.

Data Standard & General Tools

  • MetaEd IDE is a tool that supports implementers who are extending Ed-Fi technology.

ODS / API Applications & Tools

  • Analytics Middle Tier (AMT) is a collection of SQL views that enable data analysts to better understand and access data in an Ed-Fi ODS / API while building reports and analytics.
  • Admin App is a web-based administrative interface for the Ed-Fi ODS / API.
  • Admin API is an API-based interface for the management of the Ed-Fi ODS / API, for use in automated configurations.
  • Data Import is a tool to map and import data from CSV files to an Ed-Fi ODS / API.
  • LMS Toolkit is a tool that helps school districts unlock, simplify, and use instructional system data.
  • Learning Standards Sync Utility is a tool for system administrators for synchronizing learning standards between the AB Connect API and a specified Ed-Fi ODS / API instance.

Deployment and Upgrade Tools

  • Docker Deployment scripts install and configure components of the Ed-Fi ODS / API on Docker containers.
  • Are you a developer or technologist looking for the code? See the Code & Developer Resources article on this site for information and links to our GitHub repositories.
  • The article Ed-Fi Technology Version Index has a list of our products by version number. You can find which products are current, which are still in support, and the licensing for each. 
  • The data model and data exchange for Ed-Fi technologies are generally compatible within a particular Technology Suite. For example, products in Technology Suite 3 share The article Ed-Fi Technology Suite Version Matrix shows which product versions are designed to work well together.