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May 2021: The Ed-Fi Alliance is developing additional Power BI Starter Kits. See  Chronic Absenteeism Power BI Dashboard and Chronic Absenteeism Starter Kit (Ed-Fi login required) .


A starter kit illustrating the use of Microsoft Power BI to create meaningful visualizations from an Ed-Fi ODS. Includes reports at the district, school, teacher, and student level for early warning indicators. This is release 2, utilizing the Analytics Middle Tier.

The Sample Education Data Analytics project is a project to illustrate how to use Power BI, a business intelligence (BI) toolset, to create meaningful visualizations from analysis of data contained in an Ed-Fi ODS. The result is a set of reports at the district, school, teacher, and student level for early warning indicators described in the Balfanz model.

The proof of concept was intended to explore a few key questions on behalf of the Ed-Fi community, and to generate data that can help community members shape their plans and investments. Those questions were:

  • What are the capabilities of emerging commercial off the shelf (COTS) toolsets for business intelligence?
  • How can those COTS BI toolkits be applied to the Ed-Fi operational datastore and data in Ed-Fi format?
  • How can organizations effectively deploy COTS BI toolkits based on Ed-Fi at scale, including considering both security and ease-of-use? For this question, the POC pursued integration with the K–12 identity platform strategy of Microsoft.



  • By: Ed-Fi Alliance
  • License terms: Ed-Fi License
  • Released: December 18, 2018
  • Updated: June 2020