Lab Prerequisites

  1. Attendees at these sessions will be doing hands-on exercises using the Ed-Fi Cloud ODS/API for Azure, and you will need to provide your own laptop and have access to an Azure tenancy. There are two options for meeting the Azure tenancy prerequisite:
    • Option 1: You can use an existing Azure subscription and login provided you are Co-Owner (Co-Admin is not sufficient)
    • Option 2: You can setup free Azure subscription at, that provides a $200 credit (you will be owner Global Admin). You can choose to do this ahead of time or wait for the session, where we will answer any questions.

      Note: Selecting option 2 requires a credit card!

  2. You should have access to Ed-Fi Exchange and Ed-Fi's GitHub repository - which requires completing the Ed-Fi Access Request Form

Lab Instructions

Confirm you can login to your Azure tenant

Set up Cloud ODS on Azure

.\Deploy-EdFiOds.ps1 -ResourceGroupLocation "South Central US" -InstallFriendlyName "My ODS"
.\Deploy-EdFiOds.ps1 -ResourceGroupLocation "South Central US" -InstallFriendlyName "My Lab ODS"


  • Determine your PS version: In a PS shell: "Get-Host | Select-Object Version" 
  • You may need to change the execution policy for unsigned PowerShell scripts to run on your machine to run the scripts.

  • Click through license: CloudOdsLicenseKey.txt

  • This may be accomplished by opening a PowerShell console and typing the following command:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Install pre-reqs for Lab 2  on your laptop

In order to do Lab 2 - ODS/API Management, you need to have the following:

Explore Ed-Fi Databases in SQL Azure (optional)

Make sure you have SQL Server Management Studio installed on your laptop.

Obtain a connection string from the Azure Portal and navigate around the databases.

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