For a hands-on experience, please come with a laptop or VM prepared with the following:

For building the Analytics Middle Tier

If using chocolately, install the last three with these commands in an Administrative command prompt:

choco install dotnetcore-sdk -y
choco install netfx-4.7.1-devpack -y
choco install nuget.commandline  -y

For building a Tabular Data Model and interacting with it from Excel

  • SQL Server 2014+ with both the Database Engine and Analysis Services running.
  • SQL Server Data Tools
  • An active 2.0 or 2.2 data standard database (sample: Glendale 2.0, 7zip file) - does not require the full set of EdFi databases generated by initdev. Simply loading this Glendale backup into a database is sufficient.

The full lab workbook is available on GitHub: Bootcamp Lab Exercise.

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