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The Sample Data Generator can be run via configuration, but some advanced uses require some knowledge of and comfort with Microsoft Visual Studio. This documentation contains conceptual information and examples for developers who wish to extend or customize the Ed-Fi Sample Data Generator. 


This documentation is for software developers with knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio and C#.


To gain the most benefit from this information, the reader should already be familiar with the following knowledge areas:

  • Ed-Fi technologies such as the Ed-Fi ODS / API and Ed-Fi Data Standard.
  • Those looking to customize the Sample Data Generator will want to understand the conceptual and configuration material in the Sample Data Generator User Guide. The feature you're looking to develop may already exist.
  • For those looking to create sample data that includes Ed-Fi Extensions, an understanding of the Ed-Fi Extensions Framework is essential. See, for example, the relevant sections of the Ed-Fi Extension Framework documentation and the Ed-Fi ODS / API documentation.

Developer Access

The SDG source code is not publicly distributed at this time, so if you require access, please email with your GitHub user ID.


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