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Overview of Ed-Fi Tools

Ed-Fi Tools aid developers implementing the Ed-Fi Data Standard and the technical components of the Ed-Fi Implementation Suite.

MetaEd IDE

The MetaEd IDE is a tool that supports implementers who are extending Ed-Fi technology.


MappingEDU is an online system that supports business analysts and other users in mapping one data standard to another.

ODS / API Admin App

The Ed-Fi ODS / API Admin App for Technical Suite Two and Technical Suite Three is a web-based administrative interface for the Ed-Fi ODS / API. The Admin App is available as a standalone application, and is also available for deployments on Azure.

Ed-Fi Learning Standards Sync Utility

The Ed-Fi Learning Standards Sync Utility is a tool for system administrators for synchronizing learning standards between the AB Connect API and a specified Ed-Fi ODS / API instance.

Ed-Fi Sample Data Generator

The Ed-Fi Sample Data Generator produces realistic, cohesive, and 100% fictional datasets for use in demonstrations and testing. The system produces XML compliant with the Ed-Fi Data Standards. The XML output can be loaded into an Ed-Fi ODS / API.

Ed-Fi Validation Tool

The Ed-Fi Validation Tool is an online system that enables near-instant validation checks of XML data files created using Ed-Fi technology. It helps vendors ensure the quality, interoperability, and compatibility of tools and products that employ Ed-Fi technology, and helps ensure that the data exchanged is valid.