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A new vendor wishes to exchange data with a school system directly via the API.


Use MappingEDU to align the vendor's data fields to the appropriate API resources, as customized by the education agency.


MappingEDU allows data sets to be mapped to customized API endpoints by uploading the Swagger Url.

Begin by formatting and loading the vendor's data fields as shown in 1.1 - Format a Source Standard for Upload and 1.2 - Upload a Source Standard.

Then, from the Data Standards menu, choose View All Standards and click Create Standard.

Assign a name and version for the extended ODS / API and click Add.


In the Actions tab, click Upload API.

Type or paste the Swagger url into the Swagger Url text box and click Upload API.

From there, create a mapping project (as shown in 1.3 - Create a Mapping Project) with the vendor data fields as the source standard and the extended Ed-Fi ODS/API as the target standard.

Cookbook Contents

Find out what you can cook with MappingEDU:

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