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This section outlines the StudentEnrollment Interchange generation rules.

Input & Precursors

Standard configuration file, which includes a SchoolProfile and CourseLoad configuration value.

Entities & Elements

Interchange-StudentEnrollment.xsd contains the following entities:

  • StudentEducationOrganizationAssociation
  • StudentSchoolAssociation
  • StudentSectionAssociation
  • GraduationPlan
StudentEducationOrganizationStudentReferencePopulated with reference to previously generated student 

EducationOrganizationReferencePopulated with reference to previously defined Education Organization

ResponsibilityHard coded to "Graduation"
StudentSchoolAssociationStudentReferencePopulated with reference to previously generated student

SchoolReferencePopulated with reference to previously defined School, which is in turn owned by Student Education Organization

EntryDateCurrently configured SystemTime

EntryGradeLevelDetermined by Student's previously assigned grade level
StudentSectionAssociationStudentReferencePopulated with reference to previously generated student

Students are all assigned the same number of sections per term, as defined in the SDG configuration file. Each subject will have a different subject. No support for "Retaken" courses in place yet. Also does not currently take into account DataClock and therefore generates SectionAssociations for all terms.

BeginDateTerm start date

EndDateTerm end date
GraduationPlanidFormatted as "GPLN_Recommended-$StudentUniqueId"

IndividualPlanAlways "true"Graduation plans are all generated for individuals (rather than Ed Orgs) at present

GraduationPlanTypeAlways "Standard"

EducationOrganizationReferenceReference to previously generated Education Organization

GraduationSchoolYearSet based on student's current grade level

TotalRequiredCreditsAlways 28



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