This version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API is no longer supported. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.


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The Ed-Fi ODS / API enables applications to read and write education data stored in an Ed-Fi ODS through a secure REST interface. The REST interface to the Ed-Fi ODS / API exposes metadata describing the exposed resources as well as the inputs, HTTP verbs, and schema of the exposed entities. This metadata enables a user interface (based on the Swagger framework) to display API documentation.

An overview of the ODS / API is provided, which provides a description of the types of API's, and links to specific API resources.

Figure. Screen capture of the API summary page

The Swagger documentation pages also provide a means to interact with a sandbox version of the ODS using the API, which allows developers to experiment with API calls and to view responses in a test environment.  

You can explore the API's interactively, but selecting the "Authorize" button and selecting the API key and secret defaults.


Figure. Screen capture of the API documentation interface


The following link takes you to detailed documentation for the Ed-Fi ODS / API REST interface:

Ed-Fi ODS / API REST API Reference Documentation


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