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Data mapping is an early step in the requirements gathering and development process of dashboard projects. The attached data mapping templates are Excel files that can be used to map source data systems to the Ed-Fi Dashboards.

The data mapping template contains a detailed list of elements in the Ed-Fi data model along with an indication of whether the element is required or optional for the Ed-Fi Dashboards. The template includes data to support filtering by Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema XSD files.

The Ed-Fi Dashboards can be loaded from a Data Standard v1.2 source or a Data Standard v2.0 source. A separate Excel file is available for each version.


  • Some data types are listed with a question mark (e.g., int32?, dateTime?). This indicates that the element/field is nullable.
  • In the v2.0 template file, a yellow highlight indicates a difference from v1.2.



The following links are Excel files containing a data mapping template to assist with mapping from source data systems to populate the Ed-Fi Dashboards.

Dashboard Data Mapping Template for a v1.2 Data Source

Dashboard Data Mapping Template for a v2.0 Data Source


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