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Before you begin this step, make sure you have a license and a login to access the Ed-Fi Alliance source code repository in GitHub. The Ed-Fi ODS / API source code is contained in three Ed-Fi repositories hosted by GitHub at The repository names are:

  • Ed-Fi-Common
  • Ed-Fi-ODS
  • Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation

Follow these steps to download each of the repository archives from the relevant master (Ed-Fi-Common) or development branch (Ed-Fi-ODS and Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation) and then extract them:

  1. Download code from GitHub.
    1. To use code from the latest stable release, navigate to, and, downloading each of the repository archives to your local drive using the Download ZIP button.
    2. To use code from the latest daily source (less stable), navigate to, and, downloading each of the repository archives to your local drive using the Download ZIP button.
  2. In Windows Explorer, right-click each of the downloaded ZIP files and select Properties. On the General tab, press Unblock to allow the contents of the contained scripts to execute properly.

  3. In Windows Explorer, right-click on each of the downloaded ZIP files and select Extract All… Enter C:\ for the target folder.1 The ZIP files contain an embedded folder ending in “-2.0” (or "-development or -master if downloading latest daily source). For example, the “Ed-Fi ODS ZIP” archive contents will be extracted into “C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-20.”
  4. After the extractions are complete, rename the folders to remove the "-2.0" or “-master" or "-development" from the folder names. For example, change “C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-2.0” to C:\Ed-Fi-ODS
  5. When the extraction and renaming is complete, there should be three folders for the dashboard source code as shown below:

If you are using an installation of SQL Server 2012 other than the default instance on your local machine, you will need to change a number of configuration settings. First, in the solution *.config files, replace all instances of Data Source=.; and Data Source=(local); in the solution with appropriate connection strings. Next, replace the value of the $sqlServerName variable in C:\Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\logistics\scripts\activities\build\Development.vars.ps1 with the SQL Server instance to which your solution is using.

1Any path will work. These setup instructions assume you've selected C:\. If you use a different path, then substitute your chosen path where appropriate in the setup instructions throughout this documentation.

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Find out more about how to begin using the Ed-Fi ODS / API:

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