Thursday, April 7, 2022

9:00 AM  - 10:15 AM

As more people tackle analytics on top of the Ed-Fi ODS there is an open question on Analytics Middle Tier (AMT) and how much it defines the downstream analytics. This session includes a community discussion on the purpose of AMT and whether we should pursue using the AMT as a specification.

These broad session notes attempt to capture the spirit of the discussion and should not be interpreted as a transcript. Although Ed-Fi Alliance staff were involved in capturing these observations, the notes below should not be construed as official, complete, or 100% accurate.

The AMT discussion brought a lot of views on the future of AMT and how it can be used going forward.  There was a discussion about reimplementing AMT using other technologies and what is the role of AMT.  While we discussed what defines the AMT a big takeaway revealed that use cases were the most important goal when aligning the community.  If AMT became more of a standard then the model would need to be completely customizable and extensible to be a standard in the space.  

Some other discussions included:

  • we may need a cookbook to describe how to accomplish something from a specific perspective (like state attendance)
  • AMT goals supports re-usability, governance, and development efficiency
  • base views should be published to help generally align the community
  • Ed-Fi should focus on the landing data in the EL and allow the T (transform) to handle the customized reporting needs
  • CEDS support could be useful for longitudinal data
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