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This page provides links to product information, technical documentation, and other material about the technology published by the Ed-Fi Alliance and community.

Ed-Fi Technology Suite

Ed-Fi ODS / API Platform

As the name implies, the Ed-Fi ODS / API Platform consists of an ODS (i.e., an Operational Data Store) and an API (i.e., an Application Programming Interface), plus features and data structures to administer and secure the solution.

The Ed-Fi ODS provides a secure, transactional information store that integrates data from multiple source systems and applications. The Ed-Fi API accompanies the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and provides a developer-friendly interface to create, read, and update information stored in an Ed-Fi-powered ODS.

Latest Version (v7.0) | Ed-Fi ODS / API for Suite 3 v7.1 (Latest)All Versions

Ed-Fi Tools

Ed-Fi Tools aid developers implementing the technical components of the Suite.

Data Standard & General Tools

  • MetaEd IDE is a tool that supports implementers who are extending Ed-Fi technology.

ODS / API Applications & Tools

  • Analytics Middle Tier (AMT) is a collection of SQL views that enable data analysts to better understand and access data in an Ed-Fi Platform while building reports and analytics.
  • Admin App is a web-based administrative interface for the Ed-Fi Platform.
  • Admin API is an API-based interface for the management of the Ed-Fi Platform, for use in automated configurations.
  • API Publisher is a command-line utility used to copy data from one ODS / API instance to another of the same version. 
  • Data Import is a tool to map and import data from CSV files to an Ed-Fi Platform.
  • Learning Standards Sync Utility is a tool for system administrators for synchronizing learning standards between the AB Connect API and a specified Ed-Fi Platform instance.

Deployment and Upgrade Tools

  • Docker Deployment 2.x scripts install and configure components of the Ed-Fi Platform on Docker containers.
  • Are you a developer or technologist looking for the code? See the Code & Developer Resources article on this site for information and links to our GitHub repositories.
  • The article Ed-Fi Technology Version Index has a list of our products by version number. You can find which products are current, which are still in support, and the licensing for each. 
  • The data model and data exchange for Ed-Fi technologies are generally compatible within a particular Technology Suite. For example, products in Technology Suite 3 share the same data model. The article Ed-Fi Technology Suite Version Matrix shows which product versions are designed to work well together.