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This section provides a comprehensive list of the improvements, updates, fixes, and changes in the Ed-Fi ODS / API for Suite 3 v5.2 release, with links to the relevant issue in the Ed-Fi Tracker.

Patch Release - v5.2-patch1


  • [ODS-5528] - Swagger UI: Disable configUrl and url parameters

Ed-Fi ODS / API v5.2 - Release Notes

Important Epics

  • [ODS-4758] - Align ODS /API to v3.3.0a Data Standard
  • [ODS-4782] - Provide XSD metadata endpoint in ODS /API
  • [ODS-4840] - Snapshot isolation for Change Query processing
  • [ODS-4433] - Package management and distribution changes

General Improvements & Enhancements

  • [ODS-3957] - Add DotNet build step functionality to PowerShell
  • [ODS-4234] - Add postman tests for EdOrg types added by an Extension
  • [ODS-4379] - Clean up redundant security metadata for Bootstrap claim set
  • [ODS-4398] - Update BulkLoad Client to read configuration URLs from version endpoint
  • [ODS-4404] - Add Sample data for Calendar and CalendarDateEvent in the ODS
  • [ODS-4498] - Remove unnecessary join from ParentUSIToSchoolId authorization view
  • [ODS-4579] - Update packages in the ODS/API Solution
  • [ODS-4594] - Support for different virtual path with Reverse Proxy
  • [ODS-4612] - Optional References in ODS /API as directed by ODS needs and ed-fi model needs
  • [ODS-4641] - Consolidate the setting of the school year in year specific mode
  • [ODS-4664] - Dynamic Plugin Validation based on assemblyMetadata.json file in FindPluginAssemblies method
  • [ODS-4667] - Update extension project template to include nuspec file for extension package
  • [ODS-4668] - Code-gen for extension plugin creation
  • [ODS-4699] - Add OpenAPI metadata for Publishing feature
  • [ODS-4707] - Support Configuration to Drive Reverse Proxy Support
  • [ODS-4714] - PUT description incorrect in SwaggerUI/OpenAPI Specification
  • [ODS-4735] - Update TeamCity Builds to Use initdev
  • [ODS-4765] - Update extension project template to include assemblyMetadata.json as EmbeddedResource in extension project
  • [ODS-4847] - Implement authorization support for OrganizationDepartment

Bug Fixes

  • [ODS-4022] - availableChangeQueries OpenApi Spec definition is incorrect
  • [ODS-4530] - Issues with POST/PUT in .Net Core
  • [ODS-4609] - ChangeQueries Deletes Open Api Metadata is incorrect
  • [ODS-4681] - Unable to override plugin setup on secret.json
  • [ODS-4692] - RestAPI.Database package doesn't work with "OdsDatabaseTemplateName" as designed
  • [ODS-4712] - SecurityMetadataCacheTimeoutMinutes setting is not working
  • [ODS-4845] - Total-count not accounting search criteria when applied
  • [ODS-4850] - Dbup during initdev errors with timeout on larger dataset
  • [ODS-4874] - WebAPI installer does not enable any features

Ed-Fi ODS / API v5.2 - Known Issues

The table below identifies key areas of functionality that are known to have issues in this release.



Tracker Ticket*

Endpoint /ed-fi/sections 

The locationSchoolReference field is unusable.

  • If both locationReference and locationSchoolReference are submitted, the locationReference school will be saved.
  • If only locationSchoolReference is submitted (without a locationReference), then it will not be saved.
  • If only locationSchool is submitted, the locationSchoolReference will appear populated on a GET.

serverEd-Fi Issue Tracker

Endpoint /xsd/ed-fi/files In YearSpecific mode, xsd metadata endpoint fails to list the xsd files. 

serverEd-Fi Issue Tracker

You can also view release information in Ed-Fi Tracker here.

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