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This contribution provides

he Effective Assessment Data Management (EADM) group has captured and refined a set of Essential Questions (EQ) which districts ask of their assessment outcomes data. EQ 21 asks: Is/Are student(s) "on track" [e.g. attendance, GPA, credits, assessments] performing on grade level and/or demonstrating competency in [content area e.g. reading, math, science] to become college and career ready?

This contribution was provided by Metro Nashville Public Schools. The documents provide information required to design the EQ 21 visuals using the

Ed-Fi ODS/API v3 on

Microsoft SQL Server and SQL SRS (Server Reporting Services)

. The

on top of an Ed-Fi ODS/API v3.4. The information ranges from design decisions to analytic guidelines. The intended audiences for these documents are education organization leaders in the areas of technology, data governance, and/or assessment.