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The Ed-Fi Learning Standards Sync Utility is a tool for system administrators for synchronizing learning standards between the AB Connect API and a specified Ed-Fi ODS / API instance. Using the tool requires active credentials for both the target Ed-Fi ODS / API instance and the AB Connect API. The Sync Utility application provides a command-line interface (CLI) to set parameters and define options.


The Learning Standards Sync Utility is licensed through the Ed-Fi License.

Learning Standards data is provided by Certica Solutions via the Academic Benchmarks (AB) Connect service. Vendors and education agencies can contact Certica Solutions for a free license to AB Connect here.


If you require support during usage of the Learning Standards Sync Utility or the AB Connect web service, please email for assistance.


Documentation for the Learning Standards Sync Utility is available online. 

  • Getting Started (This information is available to Ed-Fi licensees only, and requires you to be logged in.)