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This section describes the recent improvements, updates, fixes, and changes made since MetaEd v2.0. 

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_Upgrade Command Blurb
_Upgrade Command Blurb

Updates & Improvements in 2.3.0


The major improvements in 2.3.0 include:

  • Supports ODS / API 5.0.x and Data Standard 3.2.0-c. This version supports the latest Data Standard and ODS / API releases.

Change Detail

The following is a detailed list of changes in 2.3.0:

  • METAED-777 — Missing  — Missing Core Identities When Generating Interchange XSD
  • METAED-1135 — Generates Generates incomplete extension interchange XML
  • METAED-1136 — Align  — Align Unique Index Names
  • METAED-635 — Common  — Common As Collection With No Identity Properties Should Fail Validation
  • METAED-731 — Shouldn — Shouldn't Allow a Collection of Inline Common
  • METAED-1127 — Update  — Update MetaEd IDE version selection components
  • METAED-1134 — Support  — Support new surrogate key pattern for Person
  • METAED-1138 — Change  — Change XSDs to use semver versions for data standard
  • METAED-1146 — Change  — Change About screen text to white
  • METAED-1147 — Update  — Update MetaEd IDE version selection components for a change in API release version
  • METAED-1144 — Default  — Default MetaEd to latest instead of Suite 2

Updates & Improvements in v2.2


The major improvements in v2.2 include:

  • Supports ODS / API v3.4 and Data Standard v3.2b. This version supports the latest Data Standard and ODS / API releases.

Change Detail

The following is a detailed list of changes in v2.2:

  • METAED-763 — MetaEd  — MetaEd Generates Extra Extension Table When Extending With Optional Common
  • METAED-948 — Required  — Required collections in MetaEd additions aren't reflected in the ApiModel-EXTENSION.json with correct cardinality
  • METAED-1101 — Deploy  — Deploy does not work correctly when targeting "C:"
  • METAED-1128 — Change  — Change Queries Deletes Fail for Derived Types in PostgreSQL
  • METAED-1102 — Consider  — Consider having deploy list full paths for deployed files
  • ODS-3884 — Refactor  — Refactor Existing Change Queries MetaEd Plug-in for targeting specific database engines
  • ODS-3885 — Modify  — Modify Change Queries MetaEd Plugins to Support SQL Server and PostgreSQL
  • ODS-4061 — Fix  — Fix the case on the change query schema name

Updates & Improvements in v2.1.2


MetaEd v2.1.2 is a bug fix release. It resolves an issue that prevented extension projects from deploying to ODS / API version 2.x.

Change Detail

The following is a detailed list of changes in v2.1.2:

  • METAED-1106 — Deploy incorrectly checks for extensions projects in 2.x versions

Updates & Improvements in v2.1.1


MetaEd v2.1.1 is a bug fix release. It resolves an issue when targeting ODS / API v3.3 and Data Standard v3.2a that prevented extension projects from building in the ODS / API.

Change Detail

The following is a detailed list of changes in v2.1.1:

  • METAED-1105 — Revert and incorporate Ed-Fi-Model 3.2a to report project version 3.2.0

Updates & Improvements in v2.1


The major improvements in v2.1 include:

  • Supports ODS / API v3.3 and Data Standard v3.2a. This version supports the latest Data Standard and ODS / API releases.
  • Adds Support for Deprecation. Modelers can now mark entities and properties as being deprecated and slated for removal in future model versions. Warnings notify users where extension projects rely on a deprecated entity or property. Deprecation is also surfaced in the Ed-Fi Handbook documentation.
  • Adds Common Subclasses. This allows modelers to subclass a Common in a manner similar to Association and Domain Entity subclasses, providing an alternative to Common Extensions.
  • Deprecated Uncommon Language Features. Extensions will get deprecation warnings when using uncommon language features slated for removal in a future version. Most extension projects will be unaffected.
  • Ready for Roadrunner. This version generates all files necessary for Project Roadrunner's PostgreSQL implementation.

Change Detail

The following is a detailed list of changes in v2.1:

  • METAED-621 — Create New Language Element to Subclass Core Common Types
  • METAED-1082 — Implement PostgreSQL name collapsing
  • METAED-966 — Revise Data Handbook to clearly distinguish the case when there are duplicate entity names
  • METAED-969 — Remove dash from "Ed-Fi" project name in MetaEd versions of Data Standard projects
  • METAED-989 — Have Data Handbook conform to UML datatypes and standardized bindings
  • METAED-994 — Ed-Fi HTML Handbook missing extension components
  • METAED-1004 — Introduce concept of deprecation in MetaEd DSL
  • METAED-1018 — Expand merge validation to include Domain Entities that are parents of conflicting Simple Types
  • METAED-1041 — Create PostgresSQL-specific SQL plugin
  • METAED-1044 — Surface deprecation in the Data Handbook
  • METAED-1045 — Surface deprecation in the API model
  • METAED-1046 — Deprecate use of MetaEd DSL words for use in extensions
  • METAED-1054 — Add deprecation warnings to extension and subclassing
  • METAED-1055 — Support for Record Level Ownership Authorization
  • METAED-1060 — Minor realignments to Handbook branding
  • METAED-1064 — Add deprecation reason to Data Handbook
  • METAED-1075 — Plugin load errors should communicate to end users
  • METAED-1076 — Surface non-validator issue messages to IDE and console end users
  • METAED-1083 — MetaEd support for ODS/API v2.6
  • METAED-1086 — Change ODS / API Deploy directory structure
  • METAED-1092 — Changes to ODS / API Deploy core artifacts location
  • METAED-1098 — Set log messages unimportant to end users to debug level
  • METAED-891 — Handbook - provide link back to superclass from a subclass
  • METAED-1049 — Entity with same name as simple type causes incorrect XSD generation
  • METAED-1062 — Turn off deprecation warnings for core when in normal (not Alliance) mode
  • METAED-1078 — MetaEdEnvironment.metaEdVersion not being set to actual version
  • METAED-1085 — Relational plugin - column cloning is too shallow
  • METAED-1087 — Some plugins crash when non-dependent plugins are not loaded

Updates & Improvements in v2.0

Backward Compatibility with v1.x

Existing MetaEd v1.x projects can be upgraded to v2.x. The steps to upgrade a project are outlined in Getting Started - Upgrading MetaEd Projects from v1.x.


The major improvements from v1.0 include:

  • Added New Namespace Reference. This new feature allows reuse of entity names across multiple extension projects. See the Namespace Reference documentation for more details.
  • Requires Node 12.5.0 or higher. Node 6.x was end-of-lifed in April 2019.  Node 12.5.0 is the most current version, with long term support until April 2022.
  • Removed Implicit Merges. This improvement removes automatic key unification when column names match, which provides greater transparency to data modelers. See the MetaEd Cookbook entry Using Merge Directives for more information about key unification in MetaEd v2.0.
  • Added Standardized Plugin Configuration. This new feature for the IDE framework automatically loads configuration files, organizes the data, and notifies plugins. See the Plugin Developer Guide for complete details.
  • Changed "With Context" to "Role Name". This language improvement changed With Context to Role Name to better represent the purpose of the keywords. The Upgrading MetaEd Projects from v1.x section in the Getting Started guide has details about how to update old projects to reflect the new language specification.
  • Added Open Existing Project Support in the IDE. This improvement adds a new Open Existing Project menu option, which, not surprisingly, opens an existing project in MetaEd.

Change Detail

The following is a detailed list of changes from v1.0:

  • METAED-898 — New Namespace Reference
  • METAED-854 — Upgrade Node Requirement to 12.x
  • METAED-916 — Removed Implicit Merges
  • METAED-827 — Standardized Plugin Configuration
  • METAED-886 — With Context to Role Name
  • METAED-953 — Api Model is Generating DateTime instead of DateTime2
  • METAED-972 — Convert CreateDate and LastModifiedDate to DateTime2
  • METAED-861 — Have IDE save before build and deploy
  • METAED-991 — inline common not caught by validation in 2.x
  • METAED-988 — MetaEd 2.0 needs validation that SchoolYear is EdFi.SchoolYear
  • METAED-965 — Add an open existing extension project option to IDE
  • METAED-1024 — Association domain entity references cannot have merge directives
  • METAED-993 — Clarify Tech Suite 2 support for new features added in MetaEd 2.0
  • METAED-1026 — Improve error message for projectName
  • METAED-997 — If the user duplicates an entity name in multiple namespaces, don't generate bulk extension artifacts