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This section provides a comprehensive list of all the improvements, updates, fixes, and changes in the Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.2 release, with links to the relevant issue in the Ed-Fi Tracker.

Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.2 - Release Notes

General Improvements & Enhancements

  • [ODS-2518] - Change code generation to run before building of the solution (Epic, look through the tickets in the epic for more details)
  • [ODS-2884] - Support for MetaEd 2.0 (Epic, look through the tickets in the epic for more details)
  • [ODS-2949] - ODS / API ability to use core entity names in extensions
  • [ODS-2631] - Update Enrollment API
  • [ODS-3019] - Update Enrollment API - Discriminators
  • [ODS-2896] - Integrated deployment script into initdev
  • [ODS-2930] - Make SQL server 2016 the minimum version
  • [ODS-3319] - Update InitDev to Create Databases in 2016 Mode
  • [ODS-3080] - Option to skip code-gen during Initdev
  • [ODS-3155] - Detect if .NET Core 2.2 installed for code generation
  • [ODS-3181] - Remove Security Config & Key Retrieval from ODS Solution - v3
  • [ODS-2445] - Populated Template source selection
  • [ODS-3233] - Glendale dataset as populated template
  • [ODS-3333] - Bring in MetaEd change Rename "with context" to "role name"
  • [ODS-3122] - When using the Enrollment API and retrieving sectionEnrollments, I would like the courseOfferingReference to include the localCourseTitle

Bug Fixes

  • [ODS-3005] - Destructive SDK smoke test failures
  • [ODS-3199] - Modify Loader Collection to not Fallback to Core Interchange Order Metadata File
  • [ODS-3252] - Enrollment Composite + Year based API = 404

Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.


2 - Known Issues

The table below identifies key areas of functionality that are known to have issues in this release.



Tracker Ticket*

Composite, ProfilesDue to dependency between between Composites and Profiles source codes, it is not possible to turn off these features independently with profiles:featureIsEnabled, composites:featureIsEnabled configuration flags

serverEd-Fi Issue Tracker

Authorization override RelationshipsWithStudentsOnlyThroughEdOrgAssociation authorization strategy override does not function as designed

serverEd-Fi Issue Tracker

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