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The Student Academic Record domain models the various kinds of student performance reporting. Student achievement can be recorded in various ways, ranging from grades received, to grades on a report card, to a transcript that contains the final record of grades received. 

Table of Contents

Key Entities

This domain contains:

  • A StudentAcademicRecord entity associated with each Session entity, which in turn has a CourseTranscript entity for each course taken. Together, these entities transcript form a holistic student transcript, containing information about course-level grades and credits.
  • A ReportCard entity and a GradingPeriod entity, which contain information for grading period grades and competencies. Generally speaking, a report card consists of a ReportCard entity for each GradingPeriod entity. A grade is associated with each Section entity.
  • A GradebookEntry entity which represents an assignment in a gradebook. A gradebook contains grades and competencies for classroom quizzes, tests, homework, and projects. Each student’s score for an assignment is a StudentGradebookEntry, which can be a grade or a CompetencyLevelDescriptor entity.

Key Concepts

The key concepts include the following:

  • LearningObjectives and LearningStandards entities can be tied directly to GradebookEntry entity records. However, when tying them to a ReportCard grade entity, StudentCompetencyObjectives and StudentLearningObjectives entities are required.
  • There are three separate subdomain models within this domain, and they each address different but related areas of the academic record.
    • The Student Transcript model is strictly concerned with historical information. Generally speaking, the Student Transcript records that particular student took a certain course during a particular term and received a particular grade.
    • The Report Card model is designed to replicate its namesake providing section score information for a given GradingPeriod entity.
    • The Gradebook model includes homework assignments, quizzes, and any individual grades earned that would be recorded within a teacher’s gradebook.
  • While data in each subdomain model can influence others, they aren’t a hierarchy. The subdomain documentation below provides additional detail.

Model Reference

This section contains reference information for the Student Academic Record domain model. 

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Student Academic Record, Student Transcript Model

The Student Transcript Model provides an academic history for a student. 

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Student Academic Record, Report Card Model

A Student has a ReportCard for each GradingPeriod. A Grade is associated with each Section. For early grade levels, a StudentCompetencyObjective is assigned to CompetencyObjectives, and a StudentLearningObjective is assigned to LearningObjectives (e.g., assigning a “Satisfactory” for “Participates in class discussions"). The StudentLearningObjective is associated either to a Section or a Program.

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Student Academic Record, Gradebook Model

An individual assignment in a gradebook is represented as a GradebookEntry. A GradebookEntry may be mapped to LearningStandards or a LearningObjective. Each student’s score for that entry is a StudentGradebookEntry which can be a grade or a CompetencyLevel.

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Student Academic Record Model Entities

CompetencyObjectiveThis entity holds additional competencies for student achievement that are not associated with specific learning objectives (e.g., paying attention in class).
CourseThis educational entity represents the organization of subject matter and related learning experiences provided for the instruction of students on a regular or systematic basis.
CourseOfferingThis entity represents an entry in the course catalog of available courses offered by the school during a session.
CourseTranscriptThis entity is the final record of a student's performance in their courses at the end of a semester or school year.
EducationOrganizationThis entity represents any public or private institution, organization, or agency that provides instructional or support services to students or staff at any level.
GradeThis educational entity represents an overall score or assessment tied to a course over a period of time (i.e., the grading period). Student grades are usually a compilation of marks and other scores.
GradebookEntryThis entity represents an assignment, homework, or classroom assessment to be recorded in a gradebook.
GradingPeriodThis descriptor defines the name of the period for which grades are reported.
LearningObjectiveThis entity represents identified learning objectives for courses in specific grades.
LearningStandardThis entity is a sub-element of a learning objective consisting of a precise statement of the expectation of a student's proficiency.
ProgramThis entity represents any program designed to work in conjunction with, or as a supplement to, the main academic program. Programs may provide instruction, training, services, or benefits through federal, state, or local agencies. Programs may also include organized extracurricular activities for students.
ReportCardThis educational entity represents the collection of student grades for courses taken during a grading period.
SchoolThis entity represents an educational organization that includes staff and students who participate in classes and educational activity groups.
SectionThis entity represents a setting in which organized instruction of course content is provided, in-person or otherwise, to one or more students for a given period of time. A course offering may be offered to more than one section.
SessionA term in the school year, generally a unit of time into which courses are scheduled, instruction occurs and by which credits are awarded. Sessions may be interrupted by vacations or other events.
StudentThis entity represents an individual for whom instruction, services, and/or care are provided in an early childhood, elementary, or secondary educational program under the jurisdiction of a school, education agency or other institution or program. A student is a person who has been enrolled in a school or other educational institution.
StudentAcademicRecordThis educational entity represents the cumulative record of academic achievement for a student.
StudentCompetencyObjectiveThis entity represents the competency assessed or evaluated for the student against a specific learning objective.
StudentGradebookEntryThis entity holds a student's grade or competency level for a gradebook entry.
StudentLearningObjectiveThis entity represents the competency assessed or evaluated for the student against a specific LearningObjective.
StudentProgramAssociationThis association represents the Program(s) that a student participates in or is served by.
StudentSectionAssociationThis association indicates the course sections to which a student is assigned.


Student Academic Record Model

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