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Ed-Fi Dashboards v3.0 Tech Preview - Release Notes

This section provides a complete list of all the improvements, updates, enhancements, fixes, and changes for v3.0 of the Ed-Fi Dashboards Tech Preview, with links to relevant issues in the Ed-Fi Tracker / JIRA system.

Bug Fixes

  • [DASH-1396] - Repeated Student Languages, maybe also Home Languages
  • [DASH-2812] - Course Title set to Null when it is a required field in the StudentRecordCurrentCourse Table
  • [DASH-2863] - Student credit accumulation historical graph has wrong status on graph bar.
  • [DASH-2874] - Failing Subject Area Course Grades - Reading/ELA not calculated for all schools
  • [DASH-3010] - StudentCourseTranscript List not Evaluating Consistently in StudentCourseTranscriptReader
  • [DASH-3154] - Duplicate Inserts into Dashboard ‘SchoolSectionCalendar’ table.
  • [DASH-3214] - Student Class Period Absence Rate Metric incorrect when 'DailyAttendanceCalculationSource' value = 'Both'
  • [DASH-3225] - End of Year Snapshot process if failing in the latest 2.0.3 ETL release
  • [DASH-3315] - Student and Parent missing address info
  • [DASH-3316] - Student Credit Accumulation - Grade Metric Status Red when it should be Gray (Neutral)
  • [DASH-3320] - Daily Attendance Rate by Grading Period is showing Rollup periods in graph
  • [DASH-3321] - Days Absent by Grading Period list shows roll up periods
  • [DASH-3322] - Student Calendar fails to load because of DescriptorId/TypeId mismatch
  • [DASH-3323] - Students without Schools are not getting streamed in the ETL


  • [DASH-3252] - Student Transcript
  • [DASH-3286] - Convert GradeLevelType to GradeLevelDescriptor
  • [DASH-3227] - Create scripts to assist end-user with configuring their operational context
  • [DASH-3234] - Dashboard Operational Context Setup
  • [DASH-3287] - Convert AcademicSubjectType to AcademicSubjectDescriptor
  • [DASH-3288] - Convert LeaveEventCategoryType to LeaveEventCategoryDescriptor
  • [DASH-3289] - Convert StaffClassificationType to StaffClassificationDescriptor
  • [DASH-3291] - Convert GradingPeriodType to GradingPeriodDescriptor
  • [DASH-3292] - Convert Assessment-related types to descriptors
  • [DASH-3293] - Convert AttendanceEventCategoryType usages to AttendanceCategoryDescriptor
  • [DASH-3294] - Convert BehaviorCategoryType to BehaviorCategoryDescriptor
  • [DASH-3295] - Convert CourseLevelCharacteristicType to CourseLevelCharacteristicDescriptor
  • [DASH-3296] - Convert PerformanceBaseType to PerformanceBaseLevelDescriptor
  • [DASH-3297] - Convert remaining Types to Descriptors
  • [DASH-3298] - Remove Enumerations classes from project
  • [DASH-3299] - v31 Glendale database contains descriptors that don't exist in the standard
  • [DASH-3312] - Add FoodService data to Glendale
  • [DASH-3319] - Update Metric Config Utility SQL scripts for v3 compatibility
  • [DASH-3325] - Missing Food Service program in Glendale
  • [DASH-3230] - Update Session and Section key references from v2 to v3
  • [DASH-3233] - Update StudentInformation Package (Indicators, Characteristics) for v3
  • [DASH-3235] - Update StudentProgramAssociation references for v3
  • [DASH-3236] - Update grading scale type references for V3
  • [DASH-3237] - School Calendar
  • [DASH-3240] - Update FactAutomateBOY (Beginning Of Year) sql for ODS v3.1 schema updates
  • [DASH-3241] - Update TeacherLeaveEventReader for V3
  • [DASH-3243] - Assessment configuration csv file update
  • [DASH-3245] - Update StudentDisciplineReader and StudentDisciplineCalculator for V3
  • [DASH-3246] - Update contact information sources for V3
  • [DASH-3248] - Assessment model reader updates
  • [DASH-3249] - Apply V31 LearningObjective key change


  • [DASH-2885] - Upgrade projects to target .NET 4.5.2
  • [DASH-2942] - Determine method to truncate logs for the databases at the end of a build

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