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Welcome to the Ed-Fi Technical Documentation home page. This site provides links to documentation and technical information for the Ed-Fi Data Standard and the Ed-Fi Implementation Suite as well as information and resources for the Ed-Fi Tech Community.

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On behalf of the Ed-Fi community, we are pleased to announce the following releases:

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Ed-Fi Data Standard

The Ed-Fi Data Standard is the widely-adopted, CEDS-aligned, open-source data standard developed by the educational community for the betterment of the community. The Ed-Fi Data Standard serves as the foundation for enabling interoperability among secure data systems and contains a Unifying Data Model designed to capture the meaning and inherent structure in the most important information in the K–12 education enterprise.
(Current Version (v2.0) | Latest Version (v3.0d- RFC) | All Versions)

Ed-Fi Implementation Suite



The Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) provides a secure, transactional information store that integrates data from multiple source systems and applications. The Ed-Fi ODS API accompanies the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and provides a developer-friendly interface to create, read, and update information stored in an Ed-Fi powered ODS.
(Current Version (v2.3.1)  | Latest Version (v3.0 - Release Candidate)| All Versions)

Ed-Fi Cloud ODS and API

The Cloud ODS and API is a distribution of the Operational Data Store (ODS) designed for ease of deployment and management. It runs on cloud platform services (currently Microsoft's Azure), and speaks "core" Ed-Fi data exchange standards only.
(Current Release

Ed-Fi Dashboards

Ed-Fi Dashboards provide a starting point for developing student performance dashboards that puts real-time, actionable information at the fingertips of educators. It includes a user interface with metrics that educators identified as critical to improving student achievement.
(Current Version (v2.0.3) | All Versions

Ed-Fi Tools

Ed-Fi Tools aid developers implementing the technical components of the Suite.

  • The Ed-Fi Validation Tool helps users streamline the testing process by verifying exchanges are working correctly.
  • MappingEDU is an online system that supports business analysts and other users map one data standard to another.
  • The MetaEd IDE is a tool that supports implementers who are extending Ed-Fi technology.

(Ed-Fi Tools Overview | Ed-Fi Validation Tool | MappingEDU | MetaEd IDE)