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titleWork in Progress

The Ed-Fi Dashboard Metric documentation currently contains some placeholder material. However, the information that is present is useful for implementers, so the documentation is being released as a work in progress.


The metrics included in the Ed-Fi Dashboards have been selected through a rigorous screening process based on relevancy, usefulness, and impact. The metrics have been refined over successive versions of the Dashboard to account for the nuances and complexities found in the real world, allowing for clear interpretation even when the underlying calculations are complex.

This documentation is intended for anyone interested in using data to understand and improve outcomes for students. The information in this documentation covers the high-level research and studies that provide the theoretical basis for the metrics all the way through the calculations used to derive meaningful numbers from data.

Guiding Principles

Effective use of metrics for monitoring student performance and outcomes can help teachers and administrators ensure students have every opportunity to stay on track to graduate. Guiding principles used to develop the Dashboard content and design included:

  • Metrics are grounded in research
  • Metrics represent leading indicators of student performance
  • Data is presented through a user interface that is intuitive and friendly for educators
  • Insightful analysis of data informs early intervention for students in need
  • Actions to take based on the metrics should be clear


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