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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

3:45 PM  - 5:00 PM

Collaboratives are education-serving entities that provide Ed-Fi services and support to a collection of LEAs. Collaboratives can come discuss what it takes to get started and what a new collaborative needs to know. This is a great sharing opportunity to help future collaboratives build on the shoulders of giants.


These broad session notes attempt to capture the spirit of the discussion and should not be interpreted as a transcript. Although Ed-Fi Alliance staff were involved in capturing these observations, the notes below should not be construed as official, complete, or 100% accurate.

Lyria shared the "Collaborative - Implementation Capabilities Framework" (C-ICF) to entities serving as or working with collaboratives.  This framework is for Ed-Fi deployments and encourages focused planning activities on multi-instance Ed-Fi deployments.  The C-ICF framework provides three main prioritization categories for planning and analysis for Organizational Management, Technology Systems, and Teaching and Learning concerns.  It has sub-components that map the necessary processes and components for a successful Ed-Fi deployment.  Session participants provided feedback on the overall framework and how it would apply to their organizations.  They recommended new items to track within the framework, discussed past experiences with launching collaboratives, and lessons learned from early adopters.  Feedback was captured, and will be used both to enhance the framework and recommend best practices for new collaboratives in the future.