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The Ed-Fi Alliance is pleased to offer technical support for community members working to implement Ed-Fi standards and technology. 

Steps to create a support ticket

  1. Navigate to the Ed-Fi Tracker website.
  2. Once on the site, click on the login button in the top-right corner. 
  3. Login using your Ed-Fi Community Login.  If you don't have an account, you can request one here:
  4. Once logged in, create on the light-blue Create button located at the center of the top menu bar.
  5. On the Pop-Up windows that open up make sure you enter the following info:

     Project: Ed-Fi Support (EDFI) 
     Issue Type: Select what best fits the specific issue you are reporting
     Summary: A a brief summary of the issue
     Description: Detailed description of the issue.

         In writing your description
    • If you are providing feedback on a particular proposal or document, please reference the document you are providing feedback on.
    • If you are reporting a bug, please provide as much detail as possible on how to reproduce the bug.
    • For feature requests, we recommend this format: How To: Submit a Feature Request.

What to expect once you submit an issue

  • Once you submit an issue, your issue will be assigned a key in the format: EDFI-[number], as in EDFI-1312.
  • You can look up your issue by going to this URL:[key], as in
  • From there, you can to track that issue and see updates to it. You will also be sent an email when the issue is updated by support staff. generally, we try to respond to issues within one business day.

Support limitations

  • The support provided by the Alliance is limited to issues related to the setup, configuration, and operation of Ed-Fi software components.
  • Support is offered to the community "as-is." Limitations include:
    • Requests may not be resolvable efficiently or at all due to the expertise of support consultants or the inability to replicate conditions that exist in the field.
    • Responses on U.S. holidays or outside of Central Time working hours may experience delays.
    • We strive to respond and offer help quickly, but large or fluctuating community volume may impact our ability to do that.

About Ed-Fi Tracker

Tracker is the system that Ed-Fi uses to track issues and work items across its software development projects and programs. Tracker has many different projects. Support tickets in the EDFI project will often result in new tickets in other projects, linked back to the EDFI ticket.

You can follow those other links/tickets to see how the issue is being addressed in an Ed-Fi software project or in an Ed-Fi program. You can also make comments in those other tickets..

Note that while all community members are able to view and comment on tickets in many of the software development projects, the EDFI project is the only point of entry for community requests.

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