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The Teacher Preparation Data Model, documentation, and related technology are works in progress. All TPDM resources are expected to change, including the draft documentation on this site.

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About the Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM) 

The Teacher Preparation Data Model (TPDM) is an extension of Ed-Fi core that was created to fill the nationwide need for storing data on a teacher’s full career. Meaning all the way from enrollment in a preparation program to their K–12 student outcomes.

The TPDM is a sponsored standard, meaning it is a product of the Ed-Fi Alliance, maintained by UPD Consulting. The sponsored standard work entails responding to field implementation feedback and field evidence, making necessary decisions on data model changes with input from the community, publishing all releases of the TPDM, and maintaining the Ed-Fi tracker ticketing system specific to TPDM. In support of those activities, UPD holds monthly webinars to discuss hot topics regarding the TPDM extensions. These webinars will include vendor adoption, data sharing, and decisions around model changes. Current users include US PREP, Relay Graduate School of Education, and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. 

The Ed-Fi TPDM extension set is free to license and use. Access to the Ed-Fi repository on GitHub is required to download the Ed-Fi TPDM extension set technical material. Click here for more information.