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The TPDM (Teacher Preparation Data Model) technology solution is made up of the Ed-Fi ODS (Operational Data Store), a companion API (Application Programming Interface), with extensions for TPDM, referred to collectively as the Ed-Fi ODS / API with TPDM.

This documentation outlines the steps necessary to download, configure, and deploy the Ed-Fi ODS / API with TPDM in a variety of environments.


This documentation is for technical professionals who work with educational data, including business analysts, database administrators, and software developers. The primary audience is developers and hosts of ODS / API platforms, but developers of client applications may find this information useful.

This page is meant to help you install TPDM-Community. If you are interested in Educator Preparation Provider starter kits, TPDM-Core already comes pre-installed with ODS/API v5.3.

Installing Ed-Fi ODS / API with TPDM-Community v1.1

To install the Ed-Fi ODS / API for Suite 3 v5.3 with TPDM-Community 1.1 in a Windows environment, follow the instructions at Installing Ed-Fi ODS / API 5.3 with TPDM-Community v1.1.

1 SQL Server Express Edition is not supported.

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