This section provides a comprehensive list of the improvements, updates, fixes, and changes in the Ed-Fi ODS / API for Suite 3 v6.1 release, with links to the relevant issue in the Ed-Fi Tracker.

Ed-Fi ODS / API v6.1 - Release Notes

Important Epics

  • [ODS-5348] - Move ODS/API builds to GitHub Actions
  • [ODS-5361] - Upgrade to PowerShell 7.2
  • [ODS-5586] - Align ODS /API to v4.0 Data Standard

General Improvements & Enhancements

  • [ODS-5492] - Logging for Sandbox pickup directory errors
  • [ODS-5527] - Investigate keyset pagination for performance
  • [ODS-5571] - Update launch settings for testharness to avoid hardcoded paths
  • [ODS-5620] - Add support for InstanceYearSpecific API mode to various modules of Ed-Fi API
  • [ODS-5627] - Fix Postman Integration test for Profiles Enabled Collections
  • [ODS-5628] - Redesign API key/secret authentication to eliminate use of Entity Framework query for obtaining needed client identity information
  • [ODS-5629] - chartOfAccounts resource is failing to POST
  • [ODS-5608] - Nullable properties should include x-nullable
  • [ODS-5625] - ODSStartupBase needs a call UseForwardedHeaders to work in Azure Application Gateway

Bug Fixes

  • [ODS-5541] - Swagger default credentials are incorrect in Sandbox mode
  • [ODS-5575] - Cache settings initialization is broken
  • [ODS-5600] - ClaimSets missing IsEdfiPreset flag
  • [ODS-5601] - Issues with Profiles involving Extensions
  • [ODS-5606] - Swagger schema name issue host or domain extension resource in profiles
  • [ODS-5654] - Composites Open Api metadata doesn't include some properties from the base resource
  • [ODS-5662] - DestructiveSdk smoke tests fail if executed from Linux

Ed-Fi ODS / API v6.1 - Known Issues

The table below identifies key areas of functionality that are known to have issues in this release.



Tracker Ticket*

Endpoint /ed-fi/sections 

The locationSchoolReference field is unusable.

  • If both locationReference and locationSchoolReference are submitted, the locationReference school will be saved.
  • If only locationSchoolReference is submitted (without a locationReference), then it will not be saved.
  • If only locationSchool is submitted, the locationSchoolReference will appear populated on a GET.

ODS-3082 - Getting issue details... STATUS

You can also view release information in Ed-Fi Tracker here.


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