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This section provides a comprehensive list of all the improvements, updates, fixes, and changes in the Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.6 release, with links to the relevant issue in the Ed-Fi Tracker.

Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.6 - Release Notes

Improvements & Enhancements

  • [ODS-2827] - Student ID - Identification Code Translation
  • [ODS-2830] - Visual Studio 2017 support for v2
  • [ODS-2803] - Assessment Claim Set Update for Performance Levels - v2
  • [ODS-2804] - District Claim Set Update for EdOrg - v2
  • [ODS-2921] - Assessment Vendor Claimset alignment-V2
  • [ODS-3096] - When using the Enrollment API and retrieving sectionEnrollments, I would like the courseOfferingReference to include the localCourseTitle
  • [ODS-2619] - Update default claim sets / seed data for read-only learning standard access

Bugs Fixed

  • [ODS-3055] - Missing cascade deletes in 2.x line
  • [ODS-2167] - PUT on /students fails when StudentLanguages exist
  • [ODS-3040] - Extensions with a Common referencing another Common as a zero to one (EmbeddedItem) Generates the Wrong Reference Type Name When Used in a Profile
  • [ODS-2588] - InterchangeOrderMetadata.xml will not load on the minimal template - v2.5
  • [ODS-2593] - learningStandards references not persisting for learningObjectives
  • [ODS-2679] - SecureHasherRequest problem in SharedInstance mode
  • [ODS-2683] - 2.5 Bulk Services Do Not work
  • [ODS-2828] - Remove-EdFiSandboxDatabases powershell script checks for incorrect sandbox database names (v2)
  • [ODS-2979] - SharedInstance deployment fails to deploy databases in correct order- v2
  • [ODS-2986] - Console bulk loader tech docs sample errors
  • [ODS-3029] - Learning Standards Delete does not work in the 2.5 and higher API
  • [ODS-3124] - Connecting to ODS with Null/Empty Vendor Prefix Generates 500 Error - V2
  • [ODS-3251] - Get by StudentUniqueId fails with 409 status under an Operational Context for Student identification
  • [ODS-2965] - StudentAssessment student reference validation error 

What's New Documentation Contents

Find out more about what's new in the latest version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API:

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