This version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API is no longer supported. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.

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This section provides a comprehensive list of all the improvements, updates, fixes, and changes in the Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.3 release, with links to the relevant issue in the Ed-Fi Tracker.

Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.3.1 - Release Notes

Improvements & Enhancements

  • [ODS-1787] - Consume Data Standard v2.0.1 changes
  • [ODS-1489] - Allow user to configure # of simultaneous requests in API loader

Bugs Fixed

  • [ODS-1439] - ETags not calculating as expected
  • [ODS-1440] - StudentAssessment API Post fails attempting to authorize Assessment with different district’s namespace
  • [ODS-1454] - EdFi.OdsApi.Sdk- Nuget /SDK Generation - Broken
  • [ODS-1456] - API SDK generation steps from the documentation not working
  • [ODS-1460] - Bulk loader for TPDP data model fails loading sample schools in Ed-Fi-ODS-Implementation\Database\Data\EdFi\EdOrg
  • [ODS-1463] - GET request with If-None-Match returns wrong status code
  • [ODS-1472] - Duplicate Properties Generated for School Extension
  • [ODS-1538] - Windows logs event 4227 under heavy load from the Client Loader
  • [ODS-1555] - 2.3 runs into duplicate keys with the following example
  • [ODS-1580] - Composite Tests Use Hard Coded Resource Ids
  • [ODS-1586] - Smoke Test Utility - SDK Test Error
  • [ODS-1590] - Existing Cascade Update Scripts Are Blind Deleting Without Exists Check
  • [ODS-1646] - Memory Leak - Incorporate profile controller lifestyle fix to ODS core - v2
  • [ODS-1733] - Current timezone affects token expiration in ODS Web API
  • [ODS-1766] - INTO clause in bulk loader missing brackets, leading to failure

Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.3 - Release Notes

Improvements & Enhancements

  • [ODS-964] - API Futures - Phase 1 - Source Code Refactoring
  • [ODS-1289] - API Futures - Phase 2 - T4 Templates Re-engineering
  • [ODS-1271] - Update Local Build to Use MSBuild v14 (VS2015) Only
  • [ODS-1060] - Improve EdOrg extensibility support in API Authorization
  • [ODS-1065] - Add a waiting indicator to the Welcome page for Swagger, until page is fully loaded
  • [ODS-1146] - Add current authorization status indicator to SwaggerUI page
  • [ODS-1328] - Configure API to require HTTPS by default
  • [ODS-990] - Clean up Warnings in ODS Solution
  • [ODS-1025] - Update log4net package version to v2.0.x+ across ODS projects
  • [ODS-1062] - Minor improvement to code generation debugging experience
  • [ODS-1114] - Allow API loader to read InterchangeOrderMetada.xml from same directory as XSD files
  • [ODS-1227] - Profiles and Composites Support in Implementation After API Futures Phase 2 Deliverable
  • [ODS-1365] - Profiles Visual Studio Project Template and related documentation for Profiles and Composites need updates
  • [ODS-1126] - Normalize T4 Template Output for Futures Phase 2 Deliverable 1
  • [ODS-1170] - Normalize T4 Template Output for Futures Phase 2 Deliverable 2a
  • [ODS-1189] - Normalize T4 Template Output for Futures Phase 2 Deliverable 5
  • [ODS-1176] - Normalize T4 Template Output for Futures Phase 2 Deliverable 6

Bugs Fixed

  • [ODS-1009] - Post Merge Cleanup from Bulk Enhancement Feature
  • [ODS-1058] - Bulk Services Failing on Staging Environment
  • ODS-1059] - Excessive Logging from BulkWorker and UploadWorker if Queue is Unavailable
  • [ODS-1061] - Bulk load merge strategies don't use brackets around artifact names in generated SQL
  • [ODS-1125] - Bulk Load does not work with extensions that extend core resources\
  • [ODS-1144] - StaffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociation fails to load with ConsoleLoader
  • [ODS-195] - Assessment Metadata Load using Bulk Loader
  • [ODS-1063] - Composite API's generated query models and mappings do not support non-identifying child relationships
  • [ODS-1147] - Fix SwaggerUI authorization dialog to display the correct key/secret
  • [ODS-1023] - SessionAcademicWeek and SessionGradingPeriod Need Cascade Deletes
  • [ODS-905] - Hard Coded Schema Version in Ods Api Codebase
  • [ODS-906] - Extra Copies of Xsd Files In Source Control
  • [ODS-1004] - Data Scripts Fail In DatabaseLifeCycle Powershell for Entity Framework Based Databases
  • [ODS-1119] - Add Support for PrepopulatedKey and PrepopulatedSecret in Octopus
  • [ODS-1120] - Exclude Api Welcome Page from Deployment
  • [ODS-1132] - CourseTranscriptEarnedAdditionalCredits Needs Cascade Delete
  • [ODS-1148] - Enrollment composite's Student resource's schoolAssociations collection uses wrong "id"
  • [ODS-1153] - Fix line break support for SDK
  • [ODS-1164] - initdev fails due to msbuild path selection
  • [ODS-1331] - Using a Non EdFi Connection String Template Breaks Local Bulk Load ODS Setup
  • [ODS-1340] - Compilation Error on Entities.generated.cs When PropertyName Matches ClassName
  • [ODS-1110] - Merge fixes from /master into /development
  • [ODS-996] - Rename EdFi.Ods.Admin.Tests.UI to EdFi.Ods.Admin.UITests
  • [ODS-1172] - Update Interchange-Descriptors.xml to align with the current 2.0 data standard sample
  • [ODS-1179] - Update 2.0 Populated Template
  • [ODS-1003] - Clean up Cloud Specific Implementation Artifacts

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