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Other users should have access to view or edit data standards or projects and provide feedback.


Add other users to mapping projects and tag them in notes to solicit their feedback.


MappingEDU allows users to work as a team to complete mapping projects.

To add users to a mapping project, click the Share tab of the mapping project.

Type the user name, and set the appropriate access level. Click Share.

Once users are added to a project, users may be tagged in notes to draw the their attention to specific element mappings. To tag a user, click Add Note.

Enter the @ symbol and begin typing the user's user name.

Select the correct user, enter the note, and click the check mark.

The user will receive a notification in their mapping project Notifications tab. Clicking the notification will take the user directly to the mapping for which the user was tagged.

The other user may then reply to the note, and the mapping may be adjusted accordingly.

Cookbook Contents

Find out what you can cook with MappingEDU:

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