To prepare to integrate Learning Management Systems (LMS) data, you first need to prepare your LMS system. 

Setup API Access

For the LMS Toolkit to access your LMS data, you will need to setup access for the LMS Toolkit to the Application Programming Interface (API) of your LMS system.

The configuration necessary for your LMS system is unique to that LMS and may differ by version. You should consult your LMS vendor's documentation for the product version you are doing. 


This step needs to be done by a systems professional who is experienced with system configuration and integration and aware of the security policies of your organization. 

Provider-specific Instructions

Below we provide information on the access needed by the LMS Toolkit for each LMS and basic instructions that were valid as of the time this manual was written.


The documentation below can go out of date as the Learning Management Systems providers release new versions. We recommend consulting the latest administrator guide for your LMS if you have problems.

    Create an access token by signing into your Canvas instance.

    As a Canvas administrator, go to Account > Settings, then scroll down to the "Approved Integrations" section and click the "New Access Token" button. You should see a long string value generated by Canvas. Copy this token info into a secure location - it will be referenced in subsequent steps.

    Google Classroom requires that you enable access to the required Google APIs to a user account, and then generate an access file that the LMS Toolkit will use.

    Please see the instructions under the section "API Permissions" on the README here:

    Open and sign-in with an administrative account to acquire an API key and secret. This should be a pair of long string values generated by Schoology. Copy this info into a secure location - it will be referenced in subsequent steps.

    When you go to prepare the LMS Extractor to access the LMS, the information you recorded in this step will be used. The process of running the extractor will help you test that the necessary LMS setup was completed.

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