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The Validation Tool has been retired and removed from service, due to declining usage and the general movement of the Ed-Fi ecosystem away from XML-based data exchange.

Instructions on how to validate XML locally have been provided in this technical article: How To - Validate an Ed-Fi XML File

This page is left active to help promote awareness of this roadmap change.

Validation Tool Introduction

Developers of systems that exchange data aligned to the Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema generally do so by exporting XML data files. The Ed-Fi Validation Tool provides an easy and convenient way for developers to validate the XML data files produced by a system against any published version of the Ed-Fi schema.

An advantage of XML is, of course, that data files can be validated locally against XSD. The Ed-Fi Validation Tool performs the same checks for well-formedness and validation against an XSD as those provided by a local XML parser. The Validation Tool also layers on additional data quality checks on the XML file, and provides an assurance that the file is valid against a published, standard version of the Ed-Fi schema.

This site contains documentation to help developers get set up and run tests using the Ed-Fi Validation Tool.

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