This article collects the primary resources to get connected to the Ed-Fi Community and get started with Ed-Fi technology.

Primary Resources

General Public Information

  • The website has general information about the Ed-Fi Alliance and its initiatives.
  • The site you are viewing is called Ed-Fi Tech Docs. This site contains technical and end-user documentation for Ed-Fi technology and products.

Create an Ed-Fi Account (Free!)

  • Much of the Ed-Fi documentation and code are open-source and available to the public.
  • However, access to some resources and products require a free account.
  • See the article Create an Ed-Fi Account for details.

Technology Quick Start

  • Want to get hands-on with the technology? The Starter Kit site (login required) has a wealth of Quick Start material, much of which can be done without deep familiarity with Ed-Fi technology or its underlying technology stack.

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