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This article describes the general requirements for setting up a development environment to access and work with Ed-Fi technology source code. This documentation is an overview: many Ed-Fi technologies will have product- and version-specific instructions in the Getting Started section of their respective documentation.

In order to use this tutorial, you should have a base understanding of Git. For information on Git, including how to install it on your system, see this guide

Definition of Repositories

Ed-Fi Data StandardEd-Fi-StandardThis repository hosts the Ed-Fi Data Standard used by the Ed-Fi technology components.
Common ArtifactsEd-Fi-CommonThis repository hosts code and scripts that are commonly used across Ed-Fi technology components.
Ed-Fi-ODSEd-Fi-ODSThis repository hosts the core code for the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS) and Ed-Fi ODS API.
Ed-Fi DashboardsEd-Fi-DashboardThis repository hosts the Ed-Fi Dashboards code.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Ed-Fi-Dashboard and click the "Fork" button to fork the repository. 
    Note: If you receive a 404 error, you need to first log into GitHub or you do not have access to the repository.
  2. Open a command prompt (Start > Run, type cmd; hit Enter)
  3. Issue the following commands at the prompt:

    mkdir c:\EdFi
    cd c:\EdFi
    set /p githubuser="Enter your GitHub username:"
    git clone
  4. You now have the latest source. To check out a specific version (v2.0 in this example) of the Ed-Fi solution, do the following:

    cd Ed-Fi-Dashboard
    git checkout tags/v2.0

  5. All major and minor releases are tagged. To see the list of versions available for checkout, do the following in the relevant Ed-Fi directory:

    cd Ed-Fi-Dashboard
    git tag
    cd ..

  6. To get back to the latest source, do the following:

    cd Ed-Fi-Dashboard
    git checkout master
  7. Before making modifications, create a development branch for your modification. For example, in Ed-Fi-Dashboard, do the following:

    cd Ed-Fi-Dashboard
    git checkout -b feature-DASH-98
    cd ..

  8. Your modifications will now be made in the development branch.

To share code back to the repositories, follow the guidelines in the Code Contribution Guidelines and How To: Submit a Pull Request pages.