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Ed-Fi Request for Comment 9: ED-FI DATA STANDARD v3.0a
Product: Ed-Fi Data Standard v3.0
Affects: Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model, Ed-Fi ODS / API, Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema
Obsoletes: --
Obsoleted By: --
Status: Active Proposal for Release

Ed-Fi Alliance
December 21, 2017


This Request for Comment (RFC) includes materials that describe proposed revisions to the Ed-Fi Data Standard. The material in this RFC is designated v3.0a to distinguish the artifacts from previous releases and subsequent RFC material. This draft material is intended to support review and comment, and should not be used in active implementation work.

Data Standard 3.0a introduces major structural changes from Data Standard v2.1. The updates also continue the process of expanding and, where necessary, changing the model to address common needs in the field work of the Ed-Fi community. Users and reviewers are advised to read carefully Ed-Fi RFC 9 - Change Log for v3.0a.

Please note that Data Standard v3.0a builds on top of changes made as part of Data Standard v2.1. Implementations using v2.0 Data Standards and updating to v3.0 must also consider and prepare for the changes introduced as part of v2.1. Please consult the What's New in v2.1 document for a summary of those changes.

The resulting work is designed to deliver a stronger, more flexible, and improved core data model, but also be of a size and scope such that existing implementations can adjust and upgrade systems without undue cost and complexity.

A public sandbox featuring the REST API bindings for v3.0 is available at:


This RFC includes the following material:


Community feedback is critical to the RFC process, and the Alliance welcomes feedback from anyone.

Feedback does not need to be long or comprehensive. It is enough to cite a particular K–12 use case where the model would or would not be able to represent a common data exchange scenario. However, if readers have more lengthy written feedback, existing reports or alternative fully-articulated data models, please feel free to share those.

The primary mechanism for feedback is via the Ed-Fi Alliance general project in the Ed-Fi Tracker. Licensees can submit new RFC 9 feedback by clicking this link (login required). Licensees and the general public can view existing feedback here: (login not required). When entering a feedback ticket, please reference the change or specific fix on which you are commenting, if applicable.

If you need an account for the Tracker, please go to (note the Technical Community Guidelines if you are curious about what Ed-Fi Alliance services you can access).

Community discussion is also welcome via Ed-Fi Slack.

See Also

Links to additional information, draft documentation, and other non-normative content related to this RFC will be added below as they become available.


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