This site contains resources, links, draft technical material, and draft documentation for the Ed-Fi Data Standard Request for Comments (RFC) process.


Community feedback is critical to the RFC process, and the Alliance welcomes feedback from anyone.

Feedback does not need to be long or comprehensive. It is enough to cite a particular K–12 use case where the technology would or would not be able to represent a common scenario. However, if readers have more lengthy written feedback, existing reports or alternative fully articulated data models, please feel free to share those.

The primary mechanism for feedback is via the Ed-Fi Alliance general project in the Ed-Fi Tracker. Licensees can submit RFC feedback by clicking this link (login required). Licensees and the general public can view existing feedback here: http://tracker.ed-fi.org/projects/EDFI/ (login not required). When entering a feedback ticket, please reference the RFC number, change, or specific fix on which you are commenting, if applicable.

If you need an account for the Tracker, please go to http://www.ed-fi.org/access-request/ (note the Getting Involved and Contributing if you are curious about what Ed-Fi Alliance services you can access).

Community discussion is also welcome via Ed-Fi Slack.

Quick Links to Ed-Fi Standards Materials

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