Data Standard v3.3, currently in early access, introduces changes to the core data model for domains commonly used by student information systems and assessment systems. It is the successor to Ed-Fi Data Standard v3.2. This documentation describes important properties and features of this release, and links to additional detail on specific data model changes.

For more on data standard versioning and where to find source materials, please consult: Ed-Fi Data Standard Versioning and Releases.

Other Notes

Non-breaking API Binding

The changes in this release are intended to be non-breaking to most API clients. "Non-breaking" in this context generally means that data model changes are additive and optional, data types are generalized, or field lengths are expanded. However, any change to a data model is potentially breaking given the specific API client behavior, so all API users are cautioned to review the changes carefully.


In order to limit the impacts to field work derived from the API, including to help make the API binding changes non-breaking, the release uses deprecation of data model elements. Deprecation communicates that a data element or other API behavior is intended for removal in a future release, typically the next major release. Deprecation is therefore a recommendation to avoid use of certain data fields or features. Deprecation notices may be accompanied by information listing alternative or preferred options.

All Changes

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