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This documentation covers the changes made for the Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model v3.1. This version contains major enhancements to the Assessment Domain, but is otherwise largely unchanged from the v3.0 model. The enhancements in v3.1 originated with feedback from Ed-Fi Community based on real-world implementations. 

The sections that follow provide a high-level overview of the changes and enhancements, best practices for implementation, and a list of impactful and substantial data model changes. Type and element changes are shown, along with a rationale for the change and links to additional detail.


The audience for this documentation are technical professionals and decision makers who have adopted previous versions of the Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model. Those considering adoption of Ed-Fi Data Standards aligned with the Unifying Data Model v3.1 may find this information useful as well.


To gain the most benefit from this information, you should already be familiar with the following knowledge areas:

  • Ed-Fi Alliance, see here
  • Ed-Fi technology, see here
  • Representational state transfer (REST) services, see Chapter 5 here
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML), see here
  • XML Schema (XSD), see here 


Find out more about what's new in v3.1:

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