This version of the Ed-Fi Data Standard is no longer supported. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.


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Customizations to the Ed-Fi data model – and concrete specifications such as the Ed-Fi data exchange XSD – are explicitly supported for implementation-specific or other purposes using the set of conformant extensions described in this section, known as the Ed-Fi Extension Framework. The Extension Framework documentation provides detail on extension patterns that are supported throughout Ed-Fi technology.

The Ed-Fi Alliance provides a free tool called the MetaEd IDE that automates the process of extending Ed-Fi technology, including the Ed-Fi data exchange XSDs. The documentation that follows covers the patterns that are created by the MetaEd IDE.

General Extension Pattern

Extensions are made in an extended core. This allows extensions to be defined once and reused across multiple interchange schemas, as well as supports automated code generation.


Extending the Schema

The Extension Framework contains the authoritative list of the types of extensions you can do, and the MetaEd IDE documentation contains everything you need to know about how to extend Ed-Fi XSD definitions. The documentation includes download and installation instructions, plus how-to articles covering the most common extension scenarios.

XSD Guidelines Contents

Find out more about the Ed-Fi XSD Design & Implementation Guidelines: