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ETags (Entity Tags)[9] are mechanisms used to support optimistic concurrency and efficient bandwidth handling. The use of ETags is recommended for Ed-Fi REST API implementations.

Other REST API Conventions and Features

Three additional REST API features—case sensitivity, encryption, and version—are discussed in the following table.

Table 7. Additional REST API Features

REST FeatureEd-Fi ImplementationExplanation

Case Sensitivity


URIs, parameter names, and parameter values must not be case sensitive. The two URI’s to the left will produce the same results.



All calls to the API must use SSL.


or …

The API major version number should be specified in the base URI.


For more information on ETags, see here and IETF RFC 7232, Section 2.3 here. 

API Guidelines Contents

Find out more about the Ed-Fi API Design & Implementation Guidelines:

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