A newer version of the Ed-Fi Data Standard is new available. See the Ed-Fi Technology Version Index for a link to the latest version.


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Data Standard v2.2 introduces a limited set of changes to the Data Standard v2.0 model in the assessment domain and makes a small set of changes to the LearningObjective entity. The changes with the most impact on field implementations are described in this section. Those working with assessment data integrations are advised to review all changes listed in the Data Model Chnages section below.

Please note that Data Standard v2.2 builds on Data Standard v2.0. Those interested in the major changes introduced in v2.0 are advised to consult the Ed-Fi Data Standard v2.0 documentation.


The audience for this documentation are technical professionals and decision makers who have adopted previous versions of the Ed-Fi Data Standard. Those considering Ed-Fi Data Standard v2.2 adoption may find this information useful as well.


To gain the most benefit from this information, you should already be familiar with the following knowledge areas:

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