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Cohorts are used to designate groups of students outside of class rosters, enrollment lists, or extra curricular participation. The Student Cohort Interchange describes student cohort information. It can be used to exchange information regarding any named group of students, or cohort, for tracking, analysis, or intervention.

Like all standard Ed-Fi interchanges, this schema references the Ed-Fi Core XSD and can be extended using the Ed-Fi Extensions Framework. See the Ed-Fi Data Standard: Developers' Guide for more information.

Use Cases

The Student Cohort Interchange can be used to:

  1. Exchange students identified for special tracking (e.g., a principal watch list).

  2. Exchange students identified for interventions.

  3. Exchange staff members associated with a cohort who are providing support, services, or sponsorship.

  4. Exchange staff members that are allowed to see specific student records (e.g., therapists and specialists).

Model Details

The following figure shows a logical view of the Student Cohort Interchange schema:



The following table describes the primary entities of which the Student Cohort Interchange is composed. 

CohortThis entity represents any type of list of designated students for tracking, analysis or intervention.
StudentCohortAssociationThis association represents the cohort(s) for which a student is designated.
StaffCohortAssociationThis association indicates the staff associated with a cohort of students.

Extended References

This interchange includes the following Extended References. 

Extended Reference NameDescription
ClassPeriodReferenceOptional. The class period during which the Section meets.
CourseOfferingReferenceOptional. The course offering taught in the Section.
EducationOrganizationReferenceRequired. The education organization associated with and owner of the Cohort, associated with the Program,
LocationReferenceOptional. The location, typically a classroom, where the Section meets.
ProgramReferenceOptional. The program associated with this Cohort (e.g., special education).
SectionReferenceOptional. The Cohort representing the subdivision of students within one or more sections. For example, a group of students may be given additional instruction and tracked as a cohort.
StudentReferenceRequired. Descriptions should state whether they are optional or required in this context.
StaffReferenceRequired. Descriptions should state whether they are optional or required in this context.

Descriptor Dependencies

This interchange references the following Ed-Fi Descriptors, thus requiring them to have been defined using the Descriptors interchange prior to this interchange. For more information on the Ed-Fi Descriptor Pattern, see the Ed-Fi Data Standard - Developers' Guide.

Descriptor NameDescription
AcademicSubjectDescriptorOptional. The academic subject associated with an academic intervention.
CountryDescriptorOptional. This descriptor defines the name and code of the country.

Optional. The school system, state, or agency assigning the identification code.

StudentIdentificationSystemDescriptorOptional. A coding scheme that is used for identification and record-keeping purposes by schools, social services, or other agencies to refer to a student.

The following link is a ZIP archive containing the XSD for the Student Cohort Interchange v2.0 along with the Ed-Fi Core XSD:

A ZIP archive containing all v2.0 Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema can be found in the Download Directory.


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