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The PostSecondary Event Interchange describes post-secondary institution events such as application, admission, and enrollment.

Like all standard Ed-Fi interchanges, this schema references the Ed-Fi Core XSD and can be extended using the Ed-Fi Extensions Framework. See the Ed-Fi Data Standard: Developers' Guide for more information.

Use Cases

The PostSecondary Event Interchange can be used to:

  1. Exchange information about a student’s application to a postsecondary institution.

  2. Exchange student admission decisions by a postsecondary institution.

  3. Exchange a student's selection of institution when admitted to more than one.

  4. Exchange a student's enrollment in a postsecondary institution.

  5. Exchange student applications for financial aid from a postsecondary institution.

  6. Exchange degree or certification awards earned by a student at a postsecondary institution.

Model Details

The following figure shows a logical view of the PostSecondary Event Interchange schema:



The following table describes the primary entities of which the PostSecondary Event Interchange is composed. 


This entity captures significant postsecondary events during a student’s high school tenure (e.g., FAFSA application or college application, acceptance and enrollment) or during a student’s enrollment at a postsecondary institution.

Extended References

This interchange includes the following Extended References. 

Extended Reference NameDescription
StudentReferenceRequired. Relates the student associated with the postsecondary event

Descriptor Dependencies

This interchange references the following Ed-Fi Descriptors, thus requiring them to have been defined using the Descriptors interchange prior to this interchange. For more information on the Ed-Fi Descriptor Pattern, see the Ed-Fi Data Standard - Developers' Guide.

Descriptor NameDescription
AdministrativeFundingControlDescriptorOptional. A classification of whether a postsecondary institution is operated by publicly elected or appointed officials (public control) or by privately elected or appointed officials and derives its major source of funds from private sources (private control).
EducationOrganizationIdentificationSystemDescriptorOptional. The school system, state, or agency assigning the identification code.

The following link is a ZIP archive containing the XSD for the PostSecondary Event Interchange v2.0 along with the Ed-Fi Core XSD:

A ZIP archive containing all v2.0 Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema can be found in the Download Directory.


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