Standard Name: Ed-Fi Bulk Data Exchange for XML
Version: 3.1
Technical Suite Version: 3
Related Products: Ed-Fi ODS / API
Obsoletes: Ed-Fi Bulk Data Exchange for XML v3.0
Obsoleted By: --
Status: Active

Author: Ed-Fi Alliance
Contact: Eric Jansson, Ed-Fi Alliance
Released: January 31, 2019


This standard provides bulk XML specifications to exchange K–12 data. XML files validated against this specification can also can be used to populate an Ed-Fi ODS / API compatible with the Ed-Fi Technical Suite 3 generation of technology.

The Ed-Fi Bulk Data Exchange for XML contains a set of twenty-one XML schemas. The specifications in this standard are XSD files, all of which use the domain entities and other types defined in the Ed-Fi Data Standard v3.1. Through field-testing, the standard Ed-Fi schema definitions provide a rigorous structure for data, but allow a reasonable degree of flexibility to account for different levels of source data availability.

Use Cases

The Ed-Fi Standard Interchange Schema handle a number of common data exchange use cases such as the reporting of test results, gradebook information, student transcript information, and more.

The following use cases are supported by this standard:

  • Exchange of student assessments, assessment results, and academic standards.
  • Exchange of student grades and gradebook entries.
  • Exchange of educational organization information and hierarchy.
  • Exchange of calendar and schedule information for an education organization.
  • Exchange of student and educator attendance information.
  • Exchange of student discipline incidents and discipline incident responses.
  • Exchange of student enrollment and class assignment information.
  • Exchange of parental contact information and student-parent relationships.
  • Exchange of student transcript information.
  • Initial population of an Ed-Fi ODS / API.
  • Periodic bulk data loading of an Ed-Fi ODS / API.


The specifications included in the Ed-Fi Bulk Data Exchange for XML are:

  • Assessment Metadata Interchange
  • Descriptors Interchange
  • Education Organization Interchange
  • Education Organization Calendar Interchange
  • Finance Interchange
  • Master Schedule Interchange
  • Parent Interchange
  • PostSecondary Event Interchange
  • Staff Association Interchange
  • Standards Interchange
  • Student Interchange
  • Student Assessment Interchange
  • Student Attendance Interchange
  • Student Cohort Interchange
  • Student Discipline Interchange
  • Student Enrollment Interchange
  • Student Grade Interchange
  • Student Gradebook Interchange
  • Student Intervention Interchange
  • Student Program Interchange
  • Student Transcript Interchange



The following link is a ZIP archive containing a Core XSD and the XSD specifications for each schema:

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