1. Non Destructive Tests:  Test Connectivity, Retrieve a session token, Make Get calls to the API end points.  Both the Non-Destructive Tests are similar in that aspect except there is one variation.  One uses the http client going against the Swagger Metadata while the other uses out of the box SDK.
  2.  Open the LoadTools.sln file located on C:\src\EFA\Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\DataLoading.
  3.  Set SmokeTest.Console app to be the starting project.  
  4. Install SDK:  Manage nuget packages: You can show them how to install the out of the box Ed-Fi SDK installation from this page Downloading and using Ed-Fi Core SDK - Hands On
  5. Object Browser: Once you install the out of the box sdk open up the sdk in the object browser and show them the namespaces that are similar to our API end points.  
  6. Under project/properties/Debug, set the command line parameters

    run the API tests

    -k populatedSandbox -s populatedSandboxSecret -a "http://localhost:54746/api/v2.0" -y 2016 -o "http://localhost:54746" -t NonDestructiveApi -m "http://localhost:54746/metadata"

    run the non-destructive SDK tests

    -k populatedSandbox -s populatedSandboxSecret -a "http://localhost:54746/api/v2.0" -y 2016 -o "http://localhost:54746" -t NonDestructiveSdk -l "......\EdFi.LoadTools.Test\bin\Debug\EdFi.OdsApi.Sdk.dll"

    run the destructive SDK tests

    -k populatedSandbox -s populatedSandboxSecret -a "http://localhost:54746/api/v2.0" -y 2016 -o "http://localhost:54746" -t DestructiveSdk -l "......\EdFi.LoadTools.Test\bin\Debug\EdFi.OdsApi.Sdk.dll" -m "http://localhost:54746/metadata"

    To disable authorization you can run this query on the EdFi_Security database update [EdFi_Security].[dbo].[ResourceClaimAuthorizationMetadatas] set AuthorizationStrategy_AuthorizationStrategyId = 1

    Deleting the EdFi_Security database will cause it to be rebuilt with the default claims

  7. Run the Ed-Fi-ODS.sln because we will be testing against the ODS API end points.  The log file is located in C:\src\EFA\Ed-Fi-ODS\Utilities\DataLoading\EdFi.SmokeTest.Console\bin\Debug.  Show them the log file.  

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