Lab Prerequisites

Postman installed on Azure lab VM / Postman installed on personal laptop 

Lab Instructions

1)  Download 'Ed-Fi Boot Camp 2019' Postman Collection and Environment  (pre-downloaded on the Azure lab VM. look for 'Lab Files' shortcut on the desktop )

2) Import postman collection and environment 

3) Click on Collections tab and expand 'Ed-Fi Boot Camp 2019' collection

4) Select 'Ed-Fi Boot Camp 2019' environment 

5) Edit the 'Ed-Fi Boot Camp 2019' environment for your deployed ODS / API (Skip if you are running against the Ed-Fi public sandbox) 

6) Turn off SSL certificate verification if you are running against the API that is setup with self-signed certificate (mainly if you are using Azure lab VM from Lab 1.a - Windows Installers)

7) Execute a authorization request

On the left panel, expand the 'Ed-Fi Boot Camp 2019' collection and Authentication folder select the "GetOAuthToken" request. Click on the "Send" button. Once the request finishes you should see in the results panel a response that contains the access_token. This token will be used in subsequent requests. 

8) Execute other requests. You could run the entire collection or run each request in order 

9) You could also keep the Postman Console open while running these sample API requests. The Postman Console is a helpful tool to see more details about the API requests that have been sent. It also keeps the history when it is open.

This exercise is built to show the resource dependency order that is imposed by authorization and the resource relationship. The dependency endpoint provides this information about the API call order.  

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