Technical Decision Maker Track
October 12, 2015 (Day 1)
2:40pm - 3:25pm
Facilitated by Eric Jansson and Shea Clymer, Ed-Fi Alliance

Session Description 

Agencies who use the the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and the Ed-Fi Data Standard to aggregate and exchange data face a number of questions around how data flows and how and when business rules are applied to those flows. Implementers of Ed-Fi technology often face questions in areas such as:

  • Data validation and verification processes - do submitters of data verify their data, and if so how?
  • Data cleaning and correction processes - which tools and processes to use?
  • Approving data flows to to downstream systems
  • Keeping audit and compliance records

This session will be an open roundtable format designed to allow participants to ask questions of other Ed-Fi implementers and learn about current best practices in the field, data flow decisions that new implements should prepare for, and tools and processes that other agencies have used.