Familiarity with the MetaEd IDE
Knowledge of JavaScript
Must have a laptop configured with Visual Studio Code and the latest MetaEd IDE (v1.4.1) to follow tutorial steps

Lab Installation Instructions:

If you have not yet installed the MetaEd IDE:

We will be using the 2.0 beta version of the MetaEd IDE for this session.  Please follow the installation instruction PDF below with the following caveats:

1. Node.js 10.x is required to run the MetaEd IDE 2.0 beta, not version 6 as referenced in Step 4 of the instructions.



2. Use the MetaEd installation ZIP file below instead of the one referenced in Step 2 of the instructions.  It is set up to directly download the beta IDE.


If you have an existing MetaEd IDE 1.x installation:


1. Node.js 10.x is required to run the MetaEd IDE 2.0 beta, not version 6 as with MetaEd 1.x.



2. Yarn version 1.15 or greater is required as well.



3. From the MetaEd IDE directory, run "yarn upgrade atom-metaed@beta" on the command line.

Install Visual Code if you don't have it:

Windows installer:

Mac installer:

Install the Plugin Development Scaffold:

Install the plugin development scaffold from the command line

Install the Session Labs:

Unzip the labs to a convenient working folder.

Set up the MetaEd IDE example extension project:

  1. Launch Atom
  2. Select FIle → Add Project Folder...
  3. From your unzipped session labs folder, select example-extension-project

During the Labs:

Link development plugin into MetaEd IDE

Windows example (Command Prompt Only):

mklink /J C:\MetaEd-IDE\node_modules\metaed-plugin-org-example C:\plugin

Windows examples for Data Warehouse and Graph plugins:

mklink /J C:\MetaEd-IDE\node_modules\metaed-plugin-org-dw C:\metaed-labs\metaed-plugin-org-dw
mklink /J C:\MetaEd-IDE\node_modules\metaed-plugin-org-graph C:\metaed-labs\metaed-plugin-org-graph

GraphViz Online for Graph plugin viewing:

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